Don’t Let Generic Financial Advice Derail Your Plan

Kevin Doak

Through television, print and social media, people are bombarded every hour of every day with advice about what they should do in virtually every part of their lives.

— Kevin Doak

Vice President, Wealth Management / Trust
TheBANK of Edwardsville

But what we all have to understand is that everyone is different. Advice from generic outside sources is just that – generic.  It’s made for the masses, not the individual. Just as one diet and fitness plan won’t work the same for everyone, a financial plan that worked for someone on a TV show or in a magazine article likely won’t work the same for you.

While some of our goals may be similar, we all have unique situations and parameters we must account for when planning for the future. And that takes an individualistic approach … a fluid plan designed specifically for you and your personal situation.

That is where an experienced financial planner can make a big difference.  When you work one-on-one with a planner, you will get a personalized plan that fits your needs. And yes, as your needs and situation changes over time, that plan can be updated to help keep you on the path to reaching your goals.

So the next time you see an “expert” on TV, in an article or on Facebook promoting the latest and greatest way to plan for your financial future, stop and think about what they are trying to accomplish with the story… and that is to reach as many people as possible.

  • Kevin Doak
    • Vice President,

    • Trust & Financial Services
  • TheBANK of Edwardsville

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