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Zach Lammers

Vice President,

Commercial Banking



After graduating with a B.S. in business administration, with specialization in finance and management, Zach began his banking career in 2008. Over the next five years he worked his way up to the role of Business Banker, and was a Market All Star recipient and Circle of Excellence winner in 2013. When TheBANK of Edwardsville decided to move into St. Louis in a commercial banking capacity in 2016, the decision to come onboard and help with the transition was easy for him to make.

Working in banking throughout my career, I have always enjoyed working with business owners, assisting them in all capacities and seeing the impact each decision had on their businesses. When having conversations with my clients, among the topics we cover are their personal goals as well as their company goals – over the next 1, 5, and 10 years. Helping my clients achieve those goals is how I would define their success.

When I have a client thinking of making a major decision for their business and they call me first to go over the pros and cons of that decision – that makes me realize that they value our relationship and my opinions. Personal success for me is having the ability to grow in my career on a daily basis. Having the ability to help my clients reach their goals is a driver in my own success.

TheBANK is unique in that we have some of the capabilities of larger financial institutions, however, we are nimble enough to adapt to the unique needs of our clients due to our local decision-making. One way I add value for my clients is that I am always looking for a way to connect them with other contacts of mine that might help drive their business forward.

  • Zach Lammers
    • Vice President,
    • Commercial Banking
  • TheBANK of Edwardsville

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