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Wade Weitlauf

Vice President,

Commercial Banking



Wade began his career in finance in 1996 as a commercial credit analyst. He would serve as a commercial lender and vice president of commercial lending for various banks in the Metro East before joining TheBANK in 2012.

I took a Working Capital Management course in my senior year at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. The course focused on understanding the dynamics of corporate financial statements, which interested me. I researched professions that involved that type of work and that led me to commercial credit analysts for banks.

My previous employers had been larger, publically held banks. I was intrigued with the notion of working for a privately held, community bank. As many of my co-workers here at TheBANK were co-workers of mine at previous banks, I had a great deal of familiarity with the executive staff and other personnel here. There is a palpable sense of family here at TheBANK.

My success comes from being instrumental in helping my officers sharpen their skills as commercial bankers while also helping them achieve their respective professional goals. While it’s difficult to define what success is for others, I’d say clients of mine that are successful are achieving their short-term goals while following a strategy to achieve their long-term goals.

I strive to be very thoughtful, consultative and resourceful for the benefit of my clients. This might be making an introduction and/or referring business to them; referring my clients to other professional service providers that I trust to help them with a particular issue; or it may be in how I structure their banking and credit needs. I also strive to reach that threshold when my clients will consult with me about forward-looking strategies and genuinely seek my opinion. That’s the pinnacle – when the value that I present to my clients goes well beyond what kind of rate and terms I can offer for a loan.

I genuinely believe my true value is in how my clients perceive me rather than how my employer perceives me. If my clients have faith and trust in me and value our relationship, that in and of itself is valuable to my employer.

  • Wade Weitlauf
    • Vice President,
    • Commercial Banking
  • TheBANK of Edwardsville

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