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Robert Skrzypczynski


Mortgage Loan Originator,

Mortgage Lending



Robert has over 12 years as an experienced mortgage professional in addition to a successful career in Operations Management, Training and Business Development. He has proven his adaptability in an ever-changing industry, utilizing guidelines put in place by Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, VA, USDA, etc. And he believes that integrity is the cornerstone of his business – “The finest compliment we can ever receive is a referral from our clients.”

I believe a mortgage should be about building relationships, and creating a life-long relationship that begins with the very first loan we do for our borrowers. As a mortgage loan officer for TheBANK of Edwardsville in St. Louis and St. Charles, I take a consultative approach whether the customer is looking for a purchase or refinance.

Customers are not all alike. That’s why I take great pride in working for TheBANK because we offer the widest array of loan programs I have seen in my career. With such strict guidelines these days, working for TheBANK allows me to customize each home financing solution to help customers achieve their financial goals. Many loan officers can put you into a loan, however, my duty is to get you into the right loan. Working for TheBANK, with a great portfolio line of loan programs, allows me to ensure we do our best in getting every homeowner into the perfect loan.

My definition of personal success means family, health, wealth, but also time. We all need time to achieve personal success, since nobody wants to spend their time doing something they do not want to do. So, personal success to me is to find that middle ground and spend the time we have doing it.

My goal is to develop a long-term relationship – not merely a one-time, short experience. If I get a customer into their first home and they call me later on to refinance, purchase a 2nd home, or investment property, whatever it might be – I know I have earned my client’s trust when they contact me for their future financing needs as they themselves become successful.

Throughout my tenure as a mortgage banker, building those strong relationships with our borrowers, not only gives me gratification but the borrowers feel they are valued. Being in the banking industry for many years, I had a few management roles, retention being one of them. I often received feedback from borrowers that they felt unimportant or not valued. A borrower would like to go to the banking institution where they banked all their lives, not only because it allows face-to-face interaction, but most importantly, it makes them feel as if they are valued. I let my borrowers know not to worry about calling me over the weekend, morning, night, or even on a holiday – this is typically the biggest asset a person owns, so making myself available to a borrower is not too much to ask.

In the past, I have seen loan officers try to be something they are not. It is all right to let the borrower know you will need to do some research in order to provide them with the best solution. So, my uniqueness is me being myself, because borrowers appreciate someone they can relate to and being yourself will undoubtedly take your career further.

  • Robert Skrzypczynski
    • Mortgage Loan Originator,
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