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John Sherbno

John Sherbno


Mortgage Loan Originator,

Mortgage Lending



John Sherbno has been in the mortgage profession since 1992.

I joined TheBANK of Edwardsville because I wanted to be part of a solid team of professionals with positive attitudes. TheBANK’s culture and everyone’s willingness to help/support each other have confirmed my choice.

I believe in focusing on clients and providing what is best for their needs. I treat each client with respect and provide them with a high level of service. I believe that when you focus on your job and commit to doing it well, the other pieces will fall in place. I know I have succeeded and my clients are satisfied with the level of service I provide when they recommend me to others.

I try to go the extra mile by being available anytime, anywhere and by responding to emails or phone calls as soon as possible. For some clients, understanding what is involved in the mortgage process can be very daunting and scary. I feel rewarded every time I can provide a solution, help a client understand the process, and make them feel comfortable and confident about the choices being made.

Each client has a different situation. Although they may share similarities, each customer is in a different position in life. It is important to understand each client and their particular needs in order to provide the proper solution.

  • John Sherbno
    • Mortgage Loan Originator,
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