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Andrew Krieger

Financial Consultant



Andrew Krieger has been in the financial services industry since 2001. He began his career with A.G. Edwards as a financial advisor.  Andrew is originally from the Edwardsville area and has been with TheBANK since 2002.

I have known only one career and have been dedicated and loyal to it. While I was with A.G. Edwards, I went through what was, at the time, one of the best training programs for someone wanting to go into financial services. I still had family and friends here (in the Edwardsville area) and it was through a former vice president of retail at TheBANK of Edwardsville that I was given an opportunity to come back home and really get the brokerage department going again.

TheBANK is a tremendous organization that is not just dedicated to the community but also to its employees. Banking hasn’t been easy the last 10 years with the extreme highs and lows of housing, interest rates, commercial and retail loans, and the historical delinquencies and foreclosures this country has never before seen. The entire time, TheBANK of Edwardsville continued to focus on countless philanthropic efforts for the community and they have been a loyal employer to hundreds of families in the area. It’s no wonder when we have retirement party celebration here, the retiree is often retiring after working here 30 to 40 years!

Success is defined in the dictionary as achieving fame, respect, or wealth, but I have always defined success as living each day with the utmost integrity and making sure I am doing the most I can for family, friends, clients, and all those I hold dear. I always try to remember what I do is who I will become and I am only given once chance to live my life. I remind myself sometimes to reflect and think that someday if I had to write and leave a biography for generations behind me, would I be proud of what it said?

Success for my clients means reaching THEIR expectations and goals. Financial planning doesn’t have to be complex and clients are always going to have lofty expectations and goals, but the reality of the situation is going to be based on what someone has saved and their needs for future retirement. It is my job to make sure we do not just achieve those goals, but maintain them, preserve them, and see them through to the next generation.

Many clients are more than just clients – they are also great friends. I have been here for 13 years and will be here for 30 more, so I try to get to know my clients and truly understand their needs and wishes. I look forward to the opportunity to help with those and see it through to their beneficiaries and often times to another generation beyond that.

Handling someone’s assets and the trust that is bestowed from that isn’t anything I have taken lightly. It comes with great pride to know that we here at TheBANK of Edwardsville have not just the amount of assets under management we do, but clients numbering in the thousands. It is rewarding to know so many people trust us and understand that what we do brings value to the relationship.

The nature of my job comes with extreme highs and lows because of the movements of worldwide markets. It isn’t getting any easier, but I try hard to offer color and clarity to those complexities and help clients understand what to focus on and what is a distraction. This career choice will be my one and only one, and I bring an enthusiastic, energetic, and honest attitude to work with me each day and I truly feel I have to put in my best effort every day for my clients.

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