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Adam Saltsgaver

Assistant Vice President,

Commercial Banking



Adam started his career with TheBANK in 2009 as a personal banker at the main location. In 2012, he took a new role, lending in both retail and commercial capacities. In 2014, he moved into commercial banking as a Commercial Banking Officer and was subsequently promoted to Assistant Vice President in 2015.

Shortly after earning my bachelors degree at SIUE, I joined TheBANK and quickly realized my passion was on the lending side of the business. I enjoyed the personal relationships that I developed with my customers and the role of being one of their trusted advisors. TheBANK of Edwardsville is a locally owned bank with locally made decisions. We are in tune with the needs of the communities we serve, and foster growth within those communities.

I define personal success as providing my clients with the guidance, tools, and capital to foster continued growth in their business. To feel as if I’ve played a small role in that growth is very rewarding.

I like to go the extra mile for my clients by being available any time, day or night. Most of my customers don’t start their day at 8 and end at 5, so I can’t either. If they need a question answered or words of advice provided, I want to be someone they know they can count on to answer the phone.

I’m naturally a very competitive person. So when my clients talk about how they can beat the competition, I immediately become invested in helping them do so.

TheBANK has also been great to me, allowing me to establish my career while earning my MBA from SIUE as well as providing ongoing professional development opportunities. It has also given me the chance to get involved in the community. I am currently a member of the Granite City Rotary Club and Vice Chairman of the CEO Program at Granite City High School.

  • Adam Saltsgaver
    • Assistant Vice President,
    • Commercial Banking
  • TheBANK of Edwardsville

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